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Samstag, 17. März 2012

Travelling and arriving in Cocentaina

Wed, 14th of march was the travelling day. I left Granada at 10 and after stops in Guadix, Baza, Velez-Rubio (lunch), Puerto Lumbreras, Lorca, Murcia, Elche, arrived in Alicante at 16.30 - on time! But imagine having to go all the way from Malaga to Barcelona!
I was picked up by the owners servants of the cat and I don't remember how long it took to get to their place, because we talked all the time. I already felt at home then. But of course, the idea was to stay there, while they were gone.

 The next day, when we drove down to the village to get my shopping for a week, I was not feeling quite so sure. It was is a rather long way, all downhill. So, coming back, of course all uphill. But - you, my regular readers, might remember - I think I need more exercise. During this stay I won't have to worry about this. Tomorrow morning I have to remember to take a photo where you can see the village. Now it's against the sun.

Here, I may introduce you to Jasmina. She is only fur, about half the size of Kasimir and a real little princess. I think she knows, I am here just for her; but I am also a guest and must be treated well. So, in the morning, she will wait until she realises I am awake, and only then jump on the bed and ask for her breakfast. And after my breakfast, it's time for the first brushing. She gets really excited about it, I wish I would have another hand for taking a photo. When I come back in the afternoon, she comes in as well and tells me, where she was and how many burdocks there where, and could she please have another brushing...

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