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Dienstag, 28. Mai 2013

Tiles and vultures and five cats

You might have guessed: I am cat-sitting again! This time it is not very far from home, in Jimena de la Frontera. I arrived by train on saturday evening, after a week of travelling with some friends from Germany. Sorry I have no time to tell you about the Sherry-bodega-Tour in Jerez, my new paprika-tin bought in Cadiz, the hundreds of pillars and arches in the mezquita of Cordoba, the flowers of El Torcal and two new elongated coins (this is the official name for the flattened souvenir cents)...
and since I don`t have wifi here, I am sitting at my host`s computer and am not sure how to include photos: so this will be a rather dull post.
This village is so steep, there are hand-rails at some of the sidewalks. And after two days of walking I`ve got sore muscles already. But it was worth it! And by the end of those two weeks I will be really fit! - I hope:-)
Many of the houses on the main street - calle Sevilla - have still beautiful old cement tiles in the entrance - and all of them are different! It is amazing!
Today I went up to the castle. Every sensible Andalusian village has to have a Moorish castle, this time as often built on Roman ruins. Views overlooking the Parque Natural de los Alcornocales down to Gibraltar. And overhead I saw some vultures circeling - and maybe an eagle too! From there I wandered down again on a path which lead to the "Jardin ethnobotanico". There was not much left of a garden, but everything is flowering at the moment, something yellow I didn`t know, dark purple lavender, light pink wild roses and further down, close to the rio Hozgarganta, dark pink oleander - not shrubs, but trees!
Then in the evening, cat-feeding time. I have a list of who gets how much and where its dish is... Today even the shyest of the cats, a black-and-white one called Whisky, came for feeding time... to be continued, maybe with photos..

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