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Sonntag, 24. März 2013

The Bat of Valencia

The bat is the symbol of Valencia, so you see it everywhere, for example:

man-hole cover
Mercado de Colón
Jenny´s guidebook tells this story: "In 1238, while Jaime I of Aragón was going about the business of conquering Moorish-held Valencia, a bat is supposed to have perched on his helmet. This was seen as an omen of good fortune and ever since then, the bat has been retained the symbol of the city."
But since bats don´t perch on top of anything - they might be found roosting underneath - this whole story is rather questionable.
Which reminds me, by the way, of the bear and strawberry-tree in Madrid - do you remember ( here) - maybe not, since I wrote it in German; in short, just equally illogical.

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