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Dienstag, 26. März 2013

Interlude: Signs and phrases

Subtitles - from up left to bottom right:
  • Dogs on leash - Jardín del Túria
  • Tiles with rare beasts - Bistro Bicho raro
  • Sombrerería del León - Sign of a hat-shop
  • "Exclusive service in the whole house of water of high pressure" - at some house of the turn of the last century
  • No dogs - Jardín de las Hésperides
  • "In this truck there are two things that have revolutionized the life of the people. The other is the wheel." - Truck with water deliverance
  • "Everything has its beauty but not everybody can see it." - on a sugar bag, misspelled! , it should be tiene
  • "The rare beast"- bistro
  • sign at Jenny´s sink
  • no dog shit - Jardín del Túria
  • "School of the high art of silk" - used to be here around the corner, founded 1686
  • "Adopt a banker!" - seen somewhere on my walks

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