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Montag, 25. März 2013


The logical suite after bats and beasts is botany!
It started disappointingly: I wanted to go to the Botanical Garden, which seemed to be closed;
next to it was the Garden of the Hesperides, with this nice sign:

"Las manzanas de oro las guardaba un dragón inmortal con cien cabezas y emitía muchas y diversas voces con el vigilaban también las hesperides..."
"The golden apples were guarded by an immortal dragon with a hundred heads and which made a lot of and many different noises together with him also watched the hesperides..."
and this much less nice sign:

So we went again to the Jardin del Turia; the old river-bed.

I had see those strange trees before, but didn´t have a clue

with a trunk full of spines

Today we passed another group of those trees and some still had fruits

and finally I had an idea: this is the kapok tree, Ceiba pentandra; native to Central America - (wikipedia knows more)
And then I even detected some leaves:

So in this post I won´t tell more about the Museo de Bellas Artes, or modernism, or the Mercado Central, or the Estación del Norte; only to mention the perfect book, that I bought today:
VALENCIA, Historia de la ciudad, Paseos y recorridos, by the Ajuntament de Valencia,
ISBN 978-84-8484-224-8
With Sloane I did the "Paseo del modernismo" and I think the poor dog never had to walk that much in his life.

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