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Montag, 24. Februar 2014

New umbrella tote bag

Es ist euch sicher mittlerweile langweilig schon wieder was über Schirmtaschen zu lesen. Deshalb schreibe ich das ganze jetzt mal in englisch (und hoffe auf eine weitere Verbreitung).

During my stay in Lisbon I saw a lot of "dead" umbrellas in the street.

I enjoyed taking fotos of the victims lying around with bent limbs and then I took them home. I had last year already made some bags from the cloth and gave them away. To my surprise the people were really thrilled and asked for more. So I started a shop - you can find it at the header of this blog.
Here is now my newest item:

I filled it for the photo with a large filing box; the size is 46 cm high and 37 cm across. The handles are long enough to take them over your shoulder.

I embellished it with a little handmade-sign and of course my logo.

But the best is that you can wrap it up and close it with the umbrella-strap. Then it is so small it fits into the handbag or even trouser pocket.

Since I didn't have a cigarette box nor matchbox, I used a Fisherman's Friend tin for size comparison.
And just to prove that all my bags are from "dead" umbrellas, each bag gets a label with the photos, date and place of the found items.


  1. Eine tolle Idee, aus kaputten Schirmen neue Taschen zu nähen. Ich folge Dir jetzt mal und würde mich feuen, wenn Du mir auch folgen würdest.
    LG Elke

  2. Elke hat mir in meinem blog von deinen Schirmtaschen erzählt ... da musste ich jetzt natürlich gleich mal schauen :-)
    und toll sind deine Taschen!
    Eine super Idee - und klasse gemacht!

    Lieber Gruß von Heidi-Trollspecht