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Mittwoch, 10. April 2013

Life is a collection of experiences...

.... I saw this sign in the Hotel Alfonso XIII in Sevilla, the great regionalistic hotel built for the Expo of 1929 with lots of lovely tile paintings.
And you know, I am good at collecting! So definitely I won´t need a guide for that :-))

One great experience was on Saturday, when I made the "official" presentation of my book about the cement tile-maker in my reunion-bar (tertúlia) in Sevilla.
Now all I need is one last photo and then I can post the link here on all my blogs etc. - in case anybody might be interested to read about a strange subject like this in Spanish.
Update: I am attending a conference on ceramics of Triana and spent the last day in the public library and the last night adding another page to my book about the life of the factory workers in Sevilla at the beginning of the XXth century. But tomrrow I´ll come home and then (after checking the footnotes again, which now all had to be updated) - YES I will upload the book so it can be viewed (and bought) via blurb. PROMISE

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