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Montag, 7. Januar 2013

The Nine Magi / Die heiligen neun Könige

Yesterday we came back from Portugal. Eva brought us to the bus station of Badajoz, where we got a bus to Sevilla. It travels on a "long and winding road", stopping in a lot of villages on the way. Unhindered we passed Almendral (some people getting on), Barcarrota, Valle de Matamoros (people getting off), Jerez de los Caballeros, Fregenal de la Sierra (5 minute cigarette stop) until Bodonal de la Sierra, where there was a road block.
At first we didn´t know, what had happened, then we realized, the town is closed for the procession of the three magi. The driver backed and tried to go through another street, had to reverse, hit a street sign and finally gave up. Some passengers, who wanted to get off, said, it doesn't matter and they could walk, but he replied, that of course, that was not the point. He would have to pass the bus station in the village center to see if someone was waiting there.
So we were stuck behind the chariots of the three kings. The bus driver got off and came back with a handful of candies, that he distributed between his passengers.

It was funny to see -and hear - how all those adults were excited like children!
Then the driver said, we also might get off, while we had to wait ... so I did:

Finally the calbalgata had passed the village center (there was nobody at the bus station) and we could continue our voyage...
... until the next village, Segura de León. Here the procession was nearly over and our bus acted as the last wagon, with the bus driver throwing candies!
After that we managed to travel unobstructed through the villages of Arroyomolinos and Cala.
In Sta. Olalla del Cala there was even police to control the traffic. After a short trip to pass the bus station we managed to make a detour and exited the village by another road.
Somehow we did not need to go through Santiponce and Camas and so arrived in Sevilla half an hour late.
Just as well, because the bus to Antequera did not leave until 11 pm. and - of course - the cafetería and newspaper shop in the bus station were closed due to holiday.
We finally arrived home at 1.40 am and we in bed ten minutes later.
An appropriate end to an exciting holiday.

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