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Sonntag, 22. März 2015

The return bag

Do you also have on the return journey of a trip far more stuff than when you started? To me it usually happens. So I thought about a bag that you could roll up small to put into your luggage and then unfold it when you need it.
Of course of my favourite material: cloth of "dead" umbrellas!
I didn't have to think up the pattern, because I more or less worked after this one: Duffle-totes

Here it is rolled up: about 20 cm long

And here I stuffed a whole duvet into it:

Because I didn't have a long zipper, I decided to use two short ones that meet in the middle. I also find it a more practical way of opening.

The handles are long enough to carry them over your shoulder and one end has a another handle on it.

And there is small outside pocket for the wallet, tickets etc, also to close with a zipper. Since this idea occurred to me yesterday evening, when everything was closed, I had to use what I have. But I think the yellow is quite original ;-)

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