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Montag, 3. Juni 2013

Finally: The cats!

Now I will finally introduce you to my "bosses":

DIDA is the boss of the lot. She is the one that comes to my room to tell me, that its time for breakfast. And every day she argues with me, telling me: but Mummy used to give me more than that! And I invariably reply: no, look what Mummy wrote on the list! ...Ok, have some little bits more...

Next on the feeding list is Moritz - no WHISKY.

He was a bit shy the first days, but now he sometimes even honours me with his presence in the same room... - like last night, when he tried to squeeze into my camera-bag:

SIMBA is the king of the patios and the garden, a real lion:

HUZZY is not seen unless there is food! And then I have to lock her on the balcony, until all the other dishes are empty.

Finally there is little CHUCHU. The newest addition to the "family". As a former street-cat, she is able to defend herself against Simba, but has also found out, that close to me she will not be harmed.

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